What our customers say about Go-Blankets™ and Eclogue™


LOVE your product! Last month you helped me purchase a navy blue large picnic blanket for my husband. The timing was close, but you made sure it arrived in time for our trip to the Ashland, OR Shakespeare Festival. All three evenings were rainy and in the low 40s, but the show went on and we didn’t miss out. We put on extra layers, threw the blanket over the two of us and stayed warm and dry. I’m sure the actors wished they could have had your blankets, too! Stage hands had to use industrial squeegees on the stage at intermission and half the cast wore rain hats and ponchos. Dorothy’s silver slippers in The Wiz became glittered sneakers for safety! Anyway, thank you so much for helping to make our trip a success. — Karen H.

I received the blanket in the mail yesterday and bestowed it on my dear friend today. They went nuts. Thank you so much for this. — Erin N.

We purchased this second blanket because of how nice we found the first to be. We tested it out at a university football game last weekend. Canadian fall weather gets pretty darn cold when the sun sets and prairie rain can set in without warning. The blanket was nothing short of amazing in all areas. I am looking forward to receiving this other one. I chose the 'camo' so my wife would be less interested in "stealing" both blankets! She too gave the blanket we have - 2 thumbs up. We think they're great! — Kevin B., Saskatoon, Canada.

I LOVE the blanket. It will be so handy to use at all of the baseball games & outdoor concert picnics we do in the summer. I have envied those blankets each year when I am sitting next to friends at baseball games and they are warm and wind free... — Raquel K.

You have certainly earned my loyalty. The Go-Blanket I bought today is the same great quality as the first Go-Blanket I purchased in 2000. The Go-Blanket will continue to be my go-to baby shower/new baby gift! It is a gift I give with confidence time and time again. — MaryAlice B. (15 blankets)

I used your blanket while sailing in the rainy season in Panama and it was the ONLY thing that kept us dry and warm...we LOVED IT! — Kim P.

I have 2 of the large picnic blankets and LOVE THEM!!! Couldn't wait for someone to have a baby so I could get them this gift!!!! — Carolyn C.

Looking forward to using your product this Fall on the sidelines of rainy field hockey games. First learned of it when a friend brought hers to a rainy golf tournament. Made the cart ride so much more comfortable! — Tammy S.

The goblanket and an ear thermometer are the two best gifts I received for my baby. You will be seeing many more orders from us as this blanket is now my automatic baby gift for all of my friends. It's fantastic! It's perfect for any baby and mom! Thank you very much. — Angela H.

I have 2 that I have had for 10 years. This is a baby gift for my sister-in-law and brother :-)   — Amy J.

You have a great product. I have loved mine for years and enjoy giving them as gifts. — Diane M.

Internet 10 yrs ago - bought 1st picnic blanket. Have used it for so many things & it's still in great shape, but our family has grown and we need a 2nd! Love Go Blanket! — Monica C.

This was our favorite baby item and we used ours until Ella was almost 5! — Hillary L. (2 picnic blankets and 17 toddler blankets sent as gifts.)

It is a great, incredibly useful blanket. I have always left my Go Blankets in my car. This way I have them if it is raining. When my girls were babies [eight years ago] I could throw it over the infant carrier car seat or wrap around the baby/toddler if I was carrying her. (The perfect infant raincoat!) Now they are in my car so that if we are traveling and the kids are cold they have a nice warm blanket available to cover themselves with. They can also always be used to throw over their heads as we run from the car in the event of an unexpected rain or snow storm. Because I keep them in the car they are always getting thrown around, fall on the car floor, stepped on etc. I have two animal crackers blankets, they have held up incredibly well. I don't think either has a mark or a stain on them. — MaryAlice B.

It was the best baby gift I ever received! — Victoria M. B.

I purchased one of your small toddler blankets in '99. 8 years and 4 kids later I WILL NOT PART WITH IT! When we lived in Michigan it was that 4th layer the baby needed just to go out, now that we live in the Pacific North West it is about the ONLY blanket a kid needs. The kids all loved the softness and colorful patterns, I loved the wind/water proof outer layer. Mine has long since lost it's tag, took me a while on the web to find you, and not just any old fleece blanket, for a friend. Thanks for the great product! — Jane H.

Been ordering for 2 years. Have the whole family covered now. Love them! — Carole B. (7 large hiker blankets for gifts.)

I've been buying them for years. — Sheri H. (2 picnic blankets and 10 toddler blankets sent as gifts.)

This is our 7th? purchase, we love them!! — Kristin B.

Without exception the picnic blankets and custom embroidery have made a big impression at EKFox. Hands down the best employee give away ever! You spent a lot of time and good natured patience with us as we selected the perfect colors. This has been a most enjoyable experience made all the more fun with your kind and experienced guidance. This is a great product matched with great service. — Suzanne G.

It is one of my standard baby presents, I love them! — Sandra L. (7 toddler blankets sent as gifts.)

I have one and love it. Now it is the only baby gift I plan to give. — Christina V. (6 toddler blankets sent as gifts.)

I got one for my son 3 years ago. I've given them as gifts to friends and family since then. They are great! — Karla M. (5 toddler blankets for gifts.)

We really appreciate the individualized customer service you gave us. It's a lost art in retail these days. Thanks so much. — Joey & Beth D.

I loved this blanket in the stroller when it rained. Also can change diaper on it. Machine Wash. — Carolyn B. (12 picnic blankets and 6 toddler blankets sent as gifts.)

My original Go-Blanket was a gift from someone who knew about the fine quality fleece and since then the Go-Blanket has become my favorite baby gift to give to others! — Jennifer H. (11 toddler blankets for gifts.)

They are great! — Michelle K. (3 picnic blankets and 4 toddler blankets sent as gifts.)

Hope you get as much use out of this as we do. — MaryAlice K. (8 toddler blankets sent as gifts.)

I just received my Go-Blankets today and wanted to tell you I am very impressed with the speed of your service and the blankets themselves. I am expecting my first child in December and anticipate many happy months using these lovely blankets. Thanks again! — Stephanie T.

I bought a picnic-size blanket for my family and love it so much that today I bought 2 more to give as gifts. — Kelly B.

Bought one for my son 5 years ago, then my daughter and it is my baby gift of choice...this is I believe my 12th order...I love this product and recommend it to everyone! I have had lots of comments on my childrens'. They still use them on trips in the car and my daughter (age 3) uses it for her dolls. My husband laughs when we have a pregnant friend, he always knows what I will order! They are truly wonderful and hold up. My son takes his everywhere. — Shay B.

My wife has been sending your product out to all of our friends and family who are expecting after reading the article on Malden Mills several years ago. We have found your Go Blanket to be the best gift! How else can you keep your baby safe from a friends nice rug! — Derek H.

My baby got one for Xmas and we love it. — Joanne K.

We originally read about it in a magazine, now we own one and LOVE IT ! — Jennifer W.

I use mine a ton! — Kina L.

Received as gift and lost it - can't live without it. — J. S. W.

This was and is one of my favorite, most useful gifts. Enjoy! — Carolyn K.

This was one of my favorite gifts received. Hope you like this blanket as much as I do! — Gwendelyn B. (6 toddler blankets.)

It's waterproof, wind resistant, and cuddly soft. It can also be used as a changing pad! Enjoy it !!! — Isabel G.

This is a favorite of Eli's. — David M.

I had found you some time ago while serching the net for just these items-baby blankets, and had ordered another one previously as a baby gift for someone else who truly loved your baby blanket. So now we are again sending two this time to our niece and her husband for their baby boy. Thanks much. — Dianna D.

We LOVED this blanket during the winter months! — Mary B.

We have one, this is a gift for a friend. They are the best! — Gayle M.

Our single most treasured baby item ever to keep you warm and dry and happy! — Else S.

We received two as a gift for our twin girls and I loved them. They are 2 and we still use them. I have recommended these to several friends and am purchasing two for my cousin who is expecting twin boys! — Cheryl M.

I have one already and this is for a friend. Your blankets are awesome I especially like them for newborns who are born in the fall or winter. — Karen T.

I know you will love this blanket, because it's my favorite! — David M.

A friend got us one when our daughter was born. We love it and use it all the time. — Nikole M.

Someone in the park had one of these, and said it was the wedding gift they used the most! — Kenna L.

Daughter has one and LOVES it. — Harriet G.

This was one of Eli's favorite items - great for tummy time. — Evan D.

My husband just lost the blanket that I had bought from you a few months ago and i loved it! i had already bought 2 blankets from you a couple of months ago. they are great! — Nuria O.

Received one as a baby shower gift...don't leave home without it. — Sara S.

This is one for my mom's birthday! I LOVE mine . . . — Julie W.

Talked to Mom again tonight, and she again wanted me to tell you how much she loves her blanket. She went on and on about how the warmth of it was "different" - that it wasn't heavy, but WARM. She has gotten quite attached - as have I. — Julie W.

Got one for my baby and it's great. — Kathleen I.

For our roaming boys at the beach, summer concerts and around the house. — Chris C.

Someone purchased one for me - great product! — Katherine W.

My daughter ordered one as a baby gift and just received it. She liked it so much, I am getting one for her dogs to lie on the couch. — Doris K.

This was one of Jakey's favorite things. Enjoy! — Alyssa M.

I got this blanket a few months ago and I am soooo happy with it. I was hesitant at first because I saw the other blankets that cost less. I have owned a couple of those cheap ones over the years and I really got what I paid for. When the blankets got dirty from juice or dirt, I washed them which was a mistake. The vinyl part got hard and scratchy and one actually cracked on the edges. It scratched my daughter's leg. We now use those now as tarps in the garage. I have washed my goblanket alot and it is still soft and cuddly and doesn't even pill. Even my fleece jacket pills. I am ordering a new one for my friends who are getting married because they love to watch the fireworks lying on their backs (which they are PERFECT FOR because the lawns where we watch the fireworks always are soaking wet and we stay nice and dry.) and if there will be a baby coming up...this will be perfect for those long days at the park. — I am adding this addendum to my review: This weekend was 4th of July and it got cold at night. We were watching the fireworks on the hard stickery field (thank gawd for this blanket, couldn't feel a thing), and the blanket felt like a little electric heater underneath us. Its like the polarfleece blanket layer insulated the heat from our bodies and it trapped it in between the layers. I am not REALLY sure how it did that but it was so nice. — Ginny W.

I have three of your toddler blankets. One of the smaller, original sizes and two of the larger. In addition, I have the extra large picnic blanket. My husband, three children and I love all four of our blankets. To our dismay, our wonderful extra large picnic blanket was stolen two days ago at a park, after a family music class we attended. I was horrified that the blanket was stolen and I only pray that the people who stole the blanket from us will grow to love it as we did and use it with care. I am thrilled to be able to order another blanket. Customer service and appreciation are often perceived as a thing of the past. I am happy to have done business with a company who still values a customer so much. You made my day — the thought of replacing our blanket made me ecstatic! Have a wonderful day and thank you again! — Nicki Z.

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